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This site and wiki is in no way associated with cryptostorm, other than we supply tokens to access their secure vpn darknet
All information on this wiki is sourced from the cryptostorm website and forums
A sincere thank you to all of the people there for making this possible - happy safe surfing!


Token verify

Paste a token (or sha512 hash of token) into the text box, and press submit This will return a summary as below:

Authorized? - true
Still Active? - true
Token length - 365
Days since activated? - 0

Hashing Tokens The What & The Why

An interesting and informative article on the cryptostorm forum by Pattern_Juggled

SHA512 Calculator

Paste in a token, hit "Calculate!", to be shown the relevant Hash string

From the page:

  • Uses jsSHA 1.3 ( by Brian Turek.
  • Take the above result from the Hash field and use it as username in your OpenVPN window. Password can be left blank. I know, right?!
  • This calc's your token's hash client side (using Javascript in your fave browser) so in theory your token will never get 'on the wires' and thus will never be seen by others.
  • This obviously requires Javascript (which is sort of the point as it keeps things on your PC as opposed to out on the wires where the NSA or whoever can scrape them off of the interwebs) so if you're using noscript or have Javascript turned off you're pretty much better off using other methods for getting your hash. Sorry.

How to connect

widget - Windows

Click here to Download Windows widgets

 The latest build of our Perl network connection client application - the widget - us 2,0, nicknamed Narwhal. 
 Technical changelog available at
 The widget is opensource (Perl source code), & comes in several versions depending on your preference of exitnode

If you'd like to switch between exitnode clusters without grabbing a new installer, it's easy to change your exitnode preferences in the widget - screenshots found in our forum. also: we recommend folks follow this housekeeping procedure to ensure Windows correctly recognises the newly-installed widget's components.

Raw connection guides

For those who perfer their darknet raw, our member community has crowdsourced proven successful connection guides for most all popular OS/hardware platforms.

configuration/connection files for cryptostorm! (rev. 1.4)

 This thread exists to serve as a one-stop location for the most current version of the client configuration files for cryptostorm. 
 As new versions complete alpha (internal) and beta (community) testing successfully, they'll be swapped into this post - so that there's 
 always the most current approved configs (and only the most current versions) here in this thread.
 Note that all config files in this post have, as of today (12 January 2014) been upgraded to Hostname Assignment Framework compliance. 
 This delivers vastly improved session security, resilience, and flexibility as our network continues to grow and expand.





Useful Tools and links